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Milian, Swain & Associates, Inc. (MSA) is proud of its long history of providing Civil and Environmental Engineering, Financial and Management Consulting Services to private, public, and municipal clients.

MSA is a multidiscipline, full service consulting firm with expertise in water, wastewater, reclaimed water, and stormwater utility regulation, utility finance, administrative services, ecology, engineering, and program/project management.

Our project management philosophy is to create a partnership with our clients. We implement this philosophy through teamwork with our clients and the right allocation of resources within the MSA Team. MSA builds a team approach with our clients by maintaining open honest professional communications. We do not hesitate to make tough recommendations and believe that the success of any project hinges on honest cooperation.


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MSA provides comprehensive Civil Engineering services for governmental agencies, municipalities and private clients. Our services have included planning, design, permitting and construction services during construction of a wide range of projects that include expertise in the following areas:

    • Design, permitting and construction management of canal dredging, roads, drainage, water and wastewater pipelines, pumping stations, treatment and disposal projects for multiple local municipalities and other government entities.
    • Project and construction management, including scheduling, cost estimating, inspection and post-construction certifications services
    • Design and permitting of primary and secondary drainage collection systems for land development projects, municipalities, etc.
    • Design and permitting of roadway resurfacing, roadway drainage improvement and roadway water quality improvements.
    • Design and permitting of a drainage pumping station and associated drainage wells.
    • Civil Infrastructure Master Planning and Analysis for public and private sector clients.
    • Design of Water Transmission and Distribution Systems, including hydraulic analysis to verify fire and domestic flows.
    • Design of Sanitary Sewer Collection Transmission and Pumping Systems.
    • Design of Primary and Secondary Drainage Disposal Systems such as dry and wet retention, positive outfalls, gravity and injection drainage wells and drainage pump stations.
    • Design of roadway improvements for private developments and municipal clients.
    • Development of dredging plans and specifications for canal maintenance, dredging improvement and associated sediment quality sampling.
    • Regulatory permitting/approvals for civil infrastructure from the jurisdictional regulatory agencies, including Miami-Dade County DERM (Class I thru Class VI) and Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) from SFWMD, FDEP, and USACOE..
    • Economic Feasibility Studies and Value Engineering Services.
    • General engineering studies
    • Expert testimony in all above areas
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